Magento is one of the most popular open source e-commerce platforms written in PHP.
It provides full control over the content and functionality of the website, has flexible shopping cart system,
one page checkout, layered navigation, best security and SEO features on the market.

It is relatively fast. Magento was originally launched in the 2008. It is widely used by developers for an e-commerce websites.

Magento CMS has like 10000 extensions so we at created catalog and a rating of best extensions using our sofisticated mRank technology.
Currently we track Magento extensions for 1.x and 2.x versions. Last update of db of extensions: June 24, 2017.

Best Magento Extensions & Plugins in 2017

Developer Magento Extension mRank* Price
1.ebizmartsSage Pay Suite Pro99$295.77
2.MirasvitUltimate Sphinx Search97$149.00
3.CartSpanQuickbooks, Sage 50, and Frontaccounting Integration94$495.00
4.MirasvitFeed Advanced Product Feeds93$119.00
5.AmastyCustomer Attributes92$99.00
6.XTENTOOrder Export91$259.00
7.MagestoreGift Card91$129.00
8.sashas7777Call for Price (Hide Price)91$15.00
9.AmastyColor Swatches Pro91$99.00
10.AheadworksAJAX Cart Pro91$99.00
11.MagmodulesGoogle Shopping Feed91€30.00
12.IWDAgencyProduct Videos90$69.00
14.AmastyProduct Labels90$79.00
16.ValdecodeEu Cookie Law Compliance89FREE
17.MirasvitEmail Follow Up Email89$149.00
18.PektsekyeDependent Custom Options (Gallery)88$100.00
19.AmastyOrder Attributes88$89.00
20.Commerce ExtensionsImport Export Products88$174.99
21.BenabeeProduct Manager88€399.00
22.MagmodulesRich Snippets Suite88€65.00
23.PluginCompanyCustom Contact Forms88€99.00
24.MirasvitCache Full Page Cache87$149.00
26.WyomindOrders Export Tool87€95.00
27.MagmodulesProduct Review Reminder87€45.00
28.XTENTOProduct Feed Export87$159.00
30.TRMMarketingPromotional Pop-ups86$59.00
31.FoomanPDF Customiser86$99.00
32.integer_netRemove Customer Account Links86FREE
33.LlianMass Product Linker86FREE
34.XTENTOStock Import86$199.00
35.eMagicOneStore Manager Professional Edition86$499.00
37.MageWorxFile Downloads & Product Attachments86$99.00
38.SMDesignColor Swatch V585$69.00
39.WyomindData Feed Manager85€95.00
40.AmastyImproved Layered Navigation85$139.00
41.kalenjordanMagemail The Triggered Email App85$1.00
42.Webtex1Gift Cards85$119.00
43.ProxiBlueDynamic Category Products Automated Category Products (Shop by Brands Shop by Any Attribute)85$99.00
44.BeetailerBeetailer Social Commerce Platform85FREE
45.MageTrendNewsletter Popup84$39.00
46.WyomindEstimated Delivery Date84€70.00
47.XTENTOTracking Number Import84$199.00
48.MagestoreSocial Login84$99.00
50.AmastyCustom Stock Status84$99.00
51.bassiwebsAdvance Multistore, Multigroup Responsive Banner Slider83$12.00
52.PotatoCommerceFull Page Cache83$99.00
53.SMDesignColor Swatch with Zoom83$119.00
54.UnirgyUmarketplace Suite Multi-vendor Marketplace83$1,650.00
55.MageWorxInstant Cart83$79.00
56.mauricioprado00Custom Product Relations83$25.00
58.SolideFlexslider Responsive Banner Slider83€15.00
59.adyenAdyen Payments Platform82FREE
60.Gerard_de_VManage Customer Account Menu82FREE
61.Rocket WebGoogle Shopping Feed82$249.00
62.aftershipShipment Tracking & Notifications81FREE
63.Best4MageConfigurable Products Use Simple Price and Product Details81€69.00
64.MobiCommerceBuild Mobile App Store Mobicommerce81FREE
65.Studio4S4 Customizable PDF Invoice Template81€14.90
66.biztechconAustralia Post Shipping81$79.00
67.XTENTOCustom Carrier Trackers81$79.00
68.MageWorxSEO Suite Ultimate #1 SEO81$249.00
69.magecreditBetter Store Search81$249.99
70.Remarkety Ltd.Email Marketing80FREE
71.BubbleCodeFull Page Cache80$99.00
72.CDR SoftwareCdr Order Comment80FREE
73.Netbase CmsmartSaml Single Sign On80$299.99
74.AmastyMass Order Actions80$69.00
75.Star ShipITDHL Auspost Startrack Fastway Couriers Please Shipping80FREE
76.NextBitsHelp Desk Support Ticket System80$39.00
77.AmastyImproved Sorting80$79.00
78.MirasvitSearch Advanced Sphinx Search Pro80$99.00
80.IWDAgencyOrder Manager80$145.00
81.alanstormPulse Storm Launcher80FREE
83.bolasevichHide Product Price for Non Registered Users79$49.99
84.Justin SternNotification Bar79FREE
85.owebiaOwebia Shipping79FREE
86.MagestoreOne Step Checkout79$149.00
87.XTENTOSimplify Bulk Order Processing79$129.00
88.WyomindAdvanced Inventory79€150.00
89.ACheckoutOne Step Checkout Acheckout79$99.00
90.MangoExtensionsAJAX Layered Navigation with Price Slider79€59.00
91.MageExtensionsRe-authorize Order Editor Grid Manager Invoice Editor79$139.00
92.Netbase CmsmartOne Step Checkout79$49.86 CIM-certified by$249.00
94.ListrakListrak Retail Solutions79FREE
96.ProxiBlueGift Promotions79FREE
97.MangoExtensionsAdvanced Color Swatches78€69.00
98.MangoExtensionsAJAX Add To Cart78€39.00
99.ITorisDynamic Product Options78$199.00
100.DesignSliderGbRRegistration Address78FREE

Best Magento 2 Extensions & Plugins in 2017

Developer Magento Extension mRank* Price
1.HelloBraveEu Cookie Compliance67FREE
2.tmob Tech Inc.T-appz64FREE
3.ApptrianSubcategories Grid List53$29.99
4.Zvonimir BurićZendesk Chat48$39.00
5.Pronko ConsultingRealex Payments48$449.00
6.Emizen TechShop by Brand48FREE
8.MageVisionShipping Admin48FREE
9.Shreeji InfosysDuplicate CMS Page Block48$15.00
10.AlgoliaAlgolia Instant Search48FREE
11.Commerce ExtensionsHide Product Price for Non Registered Users48$49.99
12.MagebuzzSocial Share48$29.00
13.LimesharpStore Locator48FREE
15.eMagicOneStore Manager Connector46FREE
16.VnecomsCustom Order Number Pro40$59.00
17.WebKul SoftWare Private LimitedMulti Vendor Marketplace40$349.00
18.Shreeji InfosysExtra Fee40$24.99
19.CelebrosSite Search40FREE
20.BssCommerceMultiple Store View Pricing40$119.00
21.Solide WebservicesFlexslider Responsive Banner Slider40$25.00
22.Amit SidhpuraTable Rate Shipping40$80.00
23.TechDivision GmbHBase Price40FREE
24.FoomanEmail Attachments40FREE
25.TechDivision GmbHGerman Law40FREE
26.Technology MindzInstagram User Feed Widget40$34.99
27.VnecomsDelete Orders40FREE
28.WyomindOrder Eraser40FREE
29.AtwixRich Snippets40$129.00
30.OwebiaAdvanced Shipping Setting40FREE
31.Classy LlamaAvatax40FREE
32.MageVisionAdmin Category Product Thumbnail40FREE
33.MagenestStripe Payment Gateway and Subscriptions40$149.00
34.MagenestSubscriptions and Recurring Payment40$249.00
35.MagenestXero Integration40$199.00
36.MageripsCheckout Address Suggestion and Autocomplete40$45.00
37.MagesideBulk Prices Updater40$79.00
38.Jiri ZahradkaData Feed Management40$259.00
39.MagesideSubscribe At Checkout40FREE
40.iPragmatechWishlist Rest Api40FREE
41.ClickSend Pty LtdClicksend Sms40FREE
42.MageVisionMass Email Customers40FREE
43.Magic ToolboxMagic Zoom Plus40$79.00
44.Hexasoft Development Sdn BhdFraudlabs Pro Fraud Prevention40FREE
45.H&O E-commerce specialisten B.V.Dutch Translations40FREE
46.Folio3 eCommerceMaintenance Mode40$25.00
47.Extension HutCustomer Approval40$99.00
48.Order MonitorOrder Monitor40FREE
49.AmastySmtp Email Settings40$259.00
50.WebKul SoftWare Private LimitedProduct Pre-order40$39.00
51.SendGridSendgrid Email Delivery40FREE
52.Xpeed InfotechPromotion Bar40$29.00
53.WeltPixelOwl Carousel and Slider40FREE
54.WeltPixelGoogle Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce40FREE
55.AmastyAdmin Bookmarks40$119.00
56.AheadworksLayered Navigation40$449.00
57.AmastyGeoip Redirect40$179.00
58.AmastyCustom Stock Status40$199.00
59.XTENTOCustom Carrier Trackers38$89.00
60.XTENTOProduct Feed Export38$169.00
61.ROI Hunter a.s.Roi Hunter Easy30FREE
62.ApptrianFacebook Pixel30FREE
63.TechDivision GmbHGerman Language Pack28FREE
65.WeltPixelAdvance Product Quick View15FREE
66.TechDivision GmbHWishlist Notification15FREE
67.McAfee SECUREMcafee Secure15FREE
68.Plumrocket IncTwitter & Facebook Login15FREE
69.LicentiaPortuguese Language Pack15FREE
70.InfoBeans Technologies LimitedShipping Flat Rate515FREE
71.WebShopAppsMatrixrate Table Rate Shipping15FREE
72.EaDesignMobile Detect Theme Change15FREE
73.BelVGFacebook Connect15FREE
74.EaDesignInvoice PDF Generator7FREE
75.MageWorxSearch Autocomplete7FREE
76.M&B Codeko Digital Workshop S.L.Redsys Payments7FREE
77.MagestoreBanner Slider7FREE
78.Cybage Software Pvt. Ltd.Multi Filters Selection On Product Listing2FREE
79.Firebear StudioImproved Configurable Product2$300.00
80.Commerce ExtensionsImport Export Attributes2$99.99
81.NekloReview Reminder0$29.00
82.NETZKOLLEKTIV GmbHIn-store Pickup Plus & Cash Payment0$39.00
83.O.S extendedSpanish Language Pack0$25.00
84.Windsor Circle, Inc.Predictive Marketing Platform0FREE
85.NekloBirthday Coupon0$89.00
86.O.S extendedItalian Language Pack0$25.00
87.O.S extendedFrench Language Pack0$25.00
88.O.S extendedDutch Language Pack0$25.00
89.Windsor Circle, Inc.Predictive Replenishment Automator0FREE
90.NorthernAdvanced Banner Manager0$399.00
91.Nicholas MillerPromotion Banner0$25.00
92.Nicholas MillerInterfax Web Service0$35.00
93.Nextopia Software CorporationNextopia Site Search0FREE
94.NekloCron Job Runner0$50.00
95.NekloCustom Smtp0$49.00
96.MedmaDisable Customer Registration0$29.00
97.Megaventory IncMultiple Location Inventory Management0FREE
98.X-MAGE2Customer Attribute Relation0$49.00
99.MedmaLazy Loader0FREE
100.X-MAGE2Auto Order Reports0$19.00

Our expertise lies in analytics of Big Data. That's why we created such service.
Since it's creation in 2015, hundreds of Magento e-stores used this service to improve their online businesses by choosing most optimal Magento extensions.

*mRank is an independent score between 0-100 (more is better) which helps to measure quality of Magento extensions and trust of a developer.
It is based on our algorithm which includes 9 parameters and manual review of an extension and a developer.
The more score this Magento extension has, the more chance you will be happy with it, that it is better than analogs and that your Magento store will improve.