Best Sitemap Magento 1 Extensions

Developer Magento Extension mRank* Price
1.AmastyXML Google Sitemap48$69.00
2.jlotty22Sitemap Splitter and Index Creator48$29.99
3.SEO MelbourneEasy XML Sitemap Generator40FREE
4.Business KingSplit Google Sitemap40$69.90
5.dotsquaresltdUltimate Sitemap40$29.00
6.CreareCreare HTML Sitemap for SEO36FREE
7.Rave InfosysXML Sitemap Submission15FREE
8.elieandmaiMulti-language Optimization (Hreflang) | Language Sitemap12FREE
9.Buscape CompanySitemap Buscapé Company (Official)2FREE
10.ScommerceMageGoogle Site Map Exclusion with Image Sitemap0€68.74
11.MavenStoreMavenstore Split Sitemap0$99.00
12.gauravGuruWebstore Sitemap To Manage SEO0$25.00
14.i6 MediaSEO Language Sitemap0€9.95
15.ActivoXML Sitemap Pro0$49.00
16.CueBlocksXML Sitemap for Aw Blog (Plugin for Cb XML Plus)0FREE
17.bolasevichForce Customer Login for Product Catalog CMS Pages Search and Advanced Search Terms Sitemap Contact Us0$49.99
18.Young dogsSplit Sitemap Plus0$39.00

Best Sitemap Magento 2 Extensions

Developer Magento Extension mRank* Price
1.MageWorxSitemap Suite0$99.00
2.CueBlocks Technologies Pvt. Ltd.XML Sitemap Plus Generator & Splitter0$450.00
3.WeltPixelGoogle XML Sitemap0$79.00