Best Search Magento Extensions

Developer Magento Extension mRank* Price
1.MirasvitUltimate Sphinx Search97$149.00
2.MirasvitSearch Advanced Sphinx Search Pro80$99.00
3.AmastySearch Pro78$119.00
4.MageWorxSearch Autocomplete78$79.00
5.AheadworksSearch Autocomplete & Suggest76$99.00
6.magecreditBetter Store Search74$249.99
7.MageWorxSearch Suite74$149.00
8.AheadworksAdvanced Search67$199.00
9.Netbase CmsmartAJAX Search Autocomplete and Suggest67$49.86
10.MageHitAdvanced Search64$29.00
11.Ghrix TeamFancy AJAX Search64$10.00
12.Php4uBetter Search Best Search63$80.00
13.PluginCompanySearch Autocomplete59€49.00
14.SafeMageRelevant Search59$59.00
15.TemplatesMasterAJAX Search and Autocomplete58$29.00
16.Fast Simon, Inc.Instant Search56FREE
17.Klevu SearchSmartest Instant Search55FREE
18.MirasvitSearch Autocomplete & Suggest Pro53$49.00
19.SonassiFast Search Index52FREE
20.melchiExpertrec Search Engine50FREE
21.ActivoAdvanced Search with Auto Complete and Weighted Attributes50$149.00
22.MirasvitSearch Spell-correction48$49.00
23.ExtendwareSearch Lucene Search47$149.00
24.ApptrianQuick Search47$99.99
25.biztechconAdvance Search with Solr47$399.00
26.magecodersEnhanced Default Search45FREE
27.ActivoCatalog Search Refinement45FREE
28.webflareAlphabetical Product Search43$15.00
29.MANAdevSearch Engine Friendly (SEO) Layered Navigation, Paging, Sorting Links43€49.00
30.ExtendwareSearch Sphinx Search43$149.00
31.SLI SystemsLearning Search Connect Integrating with Sli Systems Learning Search43FREE
32.ITorisInstant Search & Suggestions43$129.00
33.SolrBridgeSolr Bridge Search42€450.00
34.bolasevichGoogle Custom Search41$25.99
35.ITorisQuick Order Form AJAX Search41$169.00
36.simtechSearch Autocomplete Search Suggest39FREE
37.HyperTechZoneSearch Auto Complete35$29.00
38.New4TechnologySearch Engine Optimisation for Meta Keywords Titles and Description35€9.99
39.RejuniWiser Search35FREE
40.jtechextensionsAdvanced Global Record Search35$29.00
41.justanotherSearch & Replace Locale35$16.00
42.justanotherSearch & Replace Suite35$48.00
43.mzzlGoogle Search Pro35€150.00
44.MageBeesAJAX Quick Search Pro35$50.00
45.SamdoitMage CMS Integrated Search & Search Terms35$99.00
46.GlobaleComBrand Model Search35$49.00
47.SamdoitCMS & Aw Blog Integrated Search35$90.00
48.ExtendwareAutocomplete AJAX Search Autocomplete35$69.00
49.SoftProdigyINQuick Alphabetical Search35$19.00
50.solwinGoogle Custom Search Integration by Solwin35$20.00
51.Extension HutQuick Search35$49.00
52.alanstormSystem Configuration Search35FREE
53.Ashish AroraDropdown Layered Navigation Search with Price Filter35$10.00
54.TangkokoCMS Search Pro35€99.00
55.TagalysPopular Searches and Search Suggestions with Auto Complete35FREE
56.SulopaStoreSearch by Category35$59.00
57.Php4uBlast Lucene Search Lite35€0.01
58.Firebear StudioImproved Catalog Search35$40.00
59.Sooqr SearchInstant Search with Facets by Sooqr Search33FREE
61.algoliaAlgolia Search28FREE
62.ThieuMinhSangSearch Autocomplete and Suggest28FREE
63.MageBuzzSearch Suggest and Autocomplete27FREE
64.magedelightSmart Search27$39.00
65.MageBuzzText Search27FREE
66.PotatoCommerceGrid Search Autocomplete25FREE
67.nextopiaNextopia Search Connect23FREE
68.DropfinSearch Autocomplete20FREE
69.MageSpecialist404 To Search19FREE
70.iVerve INCSearch by Size18FREE
71.sstoianaMagneto Admin Search13FREE
72.magentecSm Search Box Responsive6FREE
73.factfinderFact-finder On-site Search Sdk3FREE
74.Web2MatrixAJAX Auto Search and Suggest0$11.00
75.SoftProdigyINQuick Search by Brands0$30.00
76.PlumrocketSearch Autocomplete and Suggest0$69.00
77.Ravi SinghAJAX Search & Quick Suggest0FREE
78.webkulMarketplace Seller Product Search0$99.00
79.webkulSearch Suggestion0$39.00
80.WeltPixelSearch Autocomplete and Suggest0$49.99
81.ZealousWebAdvance Search with Autocomplete Suggestions0$49.00
82.waximGoogle Place Search Auto Suggest Address Lookup Powered by Google Maps0€55.00
83.VinagentoExtended AJAX Search & Suggest0$15.00
84.vublaVubla Search Engine Site Search0FREE
85.VnEcomsSearch Autocomplete and Suggest0$59.00
86.smivksAJAX Search Suggest & Auto Complete0$20.00
87.uscodingPerfect Search Suggest0$19.00
88.Php4uBlast Search Backup0$17.00
89.timreynoldsAdmin Config Quick Search0FREE
90.SamdoitMage Wordpress Integrated Search0$99.00
91.sankhalainfosolLayered Navigation On Advance Search Result Page0$49.00
92.tertiaryinfoProduct Search Suggestion0$19.00
93.SearchSpringSearchspring Site Search & Navigation0FREE
94.SilverTouchSearch by Multiple Keywords0FREE
95.TagalysSite Search Results Dynamic Filters0FREE
96.SoftProdigyINEnhanced AJAX Autocomplete Search0$50.00
97.UNBXD AppsUnbxd Site Search-unparalleled Site Search Innovation0FREE
98.mageb2bextensionsForce User Login for Product Catalog CMS Pages Search Search Terms Site Map Contact Us0$49.99
99.Php4uBlast Search Autocomplete and Suggest0$49.00
100.cmunshawThinkglobal Search Term Filters0FREE

Best Search Magento 2 Extensions

Developer Magento Extension mRank* Price
1.AlgoliaAlgolia Instant Search43FREE
2.CelebrosSite Search35FREE
3.MageWorxSearch Autocomplete7FREE
4.MageWorxSearch Suite0$79.00
5.Commerce ExtensionsImport Export Search Terms0$49.99
6.Fast Simon, Inc.Instant Search0FREE
7.Mage Extensions ShopMake Model Year Search0$63.00
8.NekloAdvanced Category Search0$45.00
9.Nextopia Software CorporationNextopia Site Search0FREE
10.Php4u LtdBlast Search Lucene0$129.99
11.RejuniWiser Search0FREE
12.SalesIdsCatalog Search Autocomplete0$69.00
13.Solwin InfotechGoogle Custom Search Integration0$99.00
14.Templates MasterAJAX Search and Suggest0$49.00
15.Valentin KlimovSetting Search0FREE
16.WebKul SoftWare Private LimitedProduct Search Marketplace Add-on0$99.00

Most famous search extension is Ultimate Sphinx Search. It is a Magento extension developed by Mirasvit developers and aimed at simplifying e-commerce product search.

Ultimate Sphinx Search is such a versatile Magento extension that incorporates most of the advanced features like advanced Sphinx search, search autocomplete, suggestions and search spell-correction.
What is the purpose of the advanced features of the Ultimate Sphinx Search?

Search Spell-correction feature. On average, 20% of online product search queries are mistyped forcing online buyers to leave because of poor product search. Now what? With the search spell-correction, all typing and misspelled queries are automatically corrected, thereby improving customer user experience (website navigation), conversion rates as well as increasing revenue generation. How does the search spell- correction work? Assuming you want a Sony smartphone from an online store, and in the search box instead of typing Sony you type 'siny', a normal Magento search will bring Zero search results, but Ultimate Sphinx Search extension will give you a number of suggestions of the sony smartphones from which you’ll be able to make a choice from the online store database.

So far, the extension supports all languages, and it does not require any additional software while installing it.

Search Autocomple & Suggestion feature. While typing in the search box, this feature adds the autocomplete functionality with tips of a particular product you’re trying to search for. Once you type in the first letter of the product, you’re searching for, this extension brings a catalog of products from the online database starting with the same letter. That way, you'll be able to get the product you were looking for.

Advanced sphinx search. This feature is powered to bring out relevant search terms much faster helping the online store increase the conversion rates and ultimately making more sales. The advantage of the advanced sphinx search is that it searches products category by multiple content types like the catalog products, catalog categories or catalog attributes.