XTENTO is a good developer of Magento extensions.
They have around 10 extensions. XTENTO was founded in 2008.
XTENTO is a Magento Silver Technology Partner.
Located: Moehrendorf, Germany.
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Best Magento 1 Extensions of XTENTO 2017

Developer Extension mRank* Price
1.XTENTOOrder Export91$259.00
2.XTENTOProduct Feed Export87$159.00
3.XTENTOStock Import86$199.00
4.XTENTOTracking Number Import84$199.00
5.XTENTOCustom Carrier Trackers81$79.00
6.XTENTOSimplify Bulk Order Processing79$129.00
7.XTENTOEnhanced Order Grid72$129.00
8.XTENTOOrder Number Customizer65$99.00
9.XTENTOAdvanced Order Status54$89.00
10.XTENTOEnhanced Admin Security: Two-factor Authentication46$69.00

Best Magento 2 Extensions of XTENTO 2017

Developer Extension mRank* Price
1.XTENTOCustom Carrier Trackers38$89.00
2.XTENTOProduct Feed Export38$169.00
3.XTENTOAdvanced Order Status0$89.00
4.XTENTOOrder Export0$259.00
5.XTENTOOrder Number Customizer0$99.00
6.XTENTOSimplify Bulk Order Processing0$129.00
7.XTENTOStock Import0$229.00
8.XTENTOTracking Number Import0$229.00
9.XTENTOTwo-factor Authentication0$89.00